What happens when you give the area’s skilled ambulance crews the resources to stay on the leading edge of emergency care? They save more lives. With the advanced training, skill and efficiency of the ambulance crew, and their collaboration with the emergency room staff, they also help decrease potential long-term effects from serious injuries and illnesses like strokes and trauma.

Glacial Ridge Ambulance – and their patients and families served – appreciate your support to keep the ambulance service on the leading edge of emergency care in rural Minnesota. We recognize it would not be possible without grants, and generous donations and fundraisers that equip the front-line medical team with the advanced training and equipment necessary to do their jobs as well as they do. Thank you.

Here are some of the ways they’re utilizing resources from donations and grants for advanced care:

There if You Need It: 6 More AEDs Throughout Pope County
GRHS Receives Life-saving LUCAS 2 Devices
Most Advanced Care for Heart Attack Patients
Bigger and Better Helicopter Touches Down at GRHS for Training
High-tech Mannequin Gives ATCC Nursing Students Real-life Experience

GRHS Prepares for Potential Ebola Patients
EMS Goes Digital – Electronic Medical Records
Designated Acute Stroke Ready Hospital